• Harmony Fine Art Print (price each)


    Harmony by Leslie Peppers are five black and white acrylic on canvas paintings started in 1992 and completed in 1997. The paintings first exhibition ended abruptly due to public concern of these symbols displayed together. Coincidentally the location is now closed. Their next exhibition was at an International Art Expo in Houston, Texas. Immediately after the exhibit Mrs. Peppers received reports of graffiti appearing globally. They are considered the spark that ignited the Coexist movement.
    They consist of:
    "Balance", a Yin and Yang symbol of Eastern religions
    "Light", the Dharma Wheel, an Ashtamangala symbol of Buddhism
    "Faith", a cross, one of the symbols of Christianity
    "David", the Star of David, one of the symbols of Judaism
    "Crescent", the star and crescent moon, a symbol of Islam

    Each 24 x 30 inch Fine Art Giclée print is on heavyweight matte finished archival paper and is the exact size of the original paintings. The copyright watermark will not appear on the print.

    A Certificate of Authenticity, numbered, dated and signed by the artist with the recipient’s name accompanies this.