• Giza by Leslie Peppers


    Giza by Leslie Peppers is a black and white graphic image made from an overlay on an aerial photograph taken in 1904 of the three large pyramid’s on the Giza Plateau, therefore the scale is 100 percent accurate. The artist did not draft this into perfect geometric dimensions which are her signature style. This is a rare departure from it. Giza is one of three artworks from the Egyptian Series that includes Step and Ra and is from the artist private collection that she never allowed a single soul to see until now. The release date was in June of 2017 to commemorate her birthday.

    This Fine Art Giclée canvas print is on a 36 x 15.5 x 0.75 inch gallery wrapped canvas. A Certificate of Authenticity, numbered, dated and signed by the artist with the recipient’s name accompanies this.