Art in Motion Videos


Art in Motion is videos of paintings by Leslie Peppers that are meticulously recreated using CGI's (computer generated images) by the artist. Each image is altered individually to depict movement and then linked into video format. Included for ones viewing pleasure are two automated books and a short film of J.D. Peppers sculptures from various exhibitions.

The videos are silent with the exception of Alpha Bravo Charlie's (seeing impaired version) and have a full screen button. Tip: Once you click the play button, move your cursor away from the video so the play bar will not re-appear if you are not going to view it full screen. If the play bar is visible click the full screen symbol and it will disappear.

They can be viewed below by clicking on the play button or through vimeo along with their description. At vimeo they can be viewed on a computer monitor, phone, tablet or television, turning each into a work of art by clicking on the following link;